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    We are delighted to be partnering with Fine Cell Work in the production of our new Collection. 

    Fine Cell Work is a charity which teaches prisoners high-quality needlework skills, and provides post-prison support through work experience, training and employment. These skills boost self-worth, hope and self-discipline, and encourage independent, crime-free lives.

    The charity makes beautiful handmade products in British prisons, designed in collaboration with some of the country’s leading contemporary designers. Prisoners are trained by volunteers before carrying out their work in-cell and in prison workshops. The charity also provides post prison support with training and employment for ex-prisoners, with the aim of getting them back into work.

    Fine Cell Work in numbers for 2018

    • Worked with over 600 prisoners across 31 prisons making 10,000 products
    • On average prisoners spend 24 hours a week stitching
    • To date, the reoffending rate amongst Fine Cell Work’s trainees is only 4%, compared to a national average of 48% who reoffend within their first year of release.