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    Why we upcycle vintage clothing

    Fashion sadly is a huge global resource consumer and polluter (second only to the oil industry in terms of global pollution).  

    A single pair of jeans uses nearly a kilo (1.5 lbs) of cotton, which in turn uses 1,500 gallons (nearly 7,000 litres) of water to produce.   

    And if you want to get very depressed at the sheer scale of destruction caused by denim dying and manufacture, check out River Blue, the excellent documentary made by Canadian documentary film-maker David McIlvride.  The mass-production of denim is an environmental tragedy, causing terrible river pollution and chemical contamination.


    The big irony - “distressing” new denim

    And what’s the real irony?  The most damaging acids and chemicals are used in the process of trying to recreate a vintage, worn-in look.  The chemicals used (such as acids and bleaches) are the most toxic of all, heavily pollute the waterways and are slowly poisoning those working in denim manufacturing plants.

    So why buy a new item which may have been deliberately “distressed” to give it a vintage feel, when you can buy the real thing?


    Vintage is best

    So, at Will & Pop we are firm believers in upcycling pre-worn vintage clothes.

    Making use of the very-best vintage denim, and excellently designed and cut ex-military clothing seems to us the obvious thing to do. 

    Our team selects the best pieces from responsible suppliers to create limited editions and bespoke pieces to treasure and wear again and again. So you can feel good looking good.